Thursday, February 18, 2010

My kid is hilarious

If you don't have kids you are seriously missing out on hours of entertainment.  I, not unlike most moms, believe I have the funniest kid in the world (along with the smartest, most beautiful, nicest, I could go on for hours). The girls and I drove through McDonalds for some grub this morning and Lyric says to me "Mommy, I love hash brownies from McDonalds". Hopefully if this is repeated in public people will know she is referring to the delicious, fried potato dish McDonalds serves alongside their breakfast meals and not the illegal variety, but either way it had me laughing. It also reminded me of a mispronunciation my best friend, Jeanine's son used to have when he was younger. When talking about cotton
balls he would say c____ and balls (in order to stay work safe I'll let you all fill in the blanks!).  Of course, being the mothers of the year that we are, we would have him say cotton balls repeatedly and then continue to laugh our a$$es off. Poor Jake, he probably could never figure out why we thought plain old balls of cotton were so hilarious.

I'm dressing this post up with some self portraits Lyric has taken on my iPhone (I believe they are fitting). Generally when my phone disappears by the time I find it again my camera roll is filled with close ups of her mug and 700 shots of her feet in various poses all over the house, enjoy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My husband likes to bring my patriotism into question, but I really just can’t get into the Olympics. I have never been able to watch sports on TV, but even the opening ceremonies, I just had no desire. Now I’m certainly not putting down the Olympics or defending my taste in television (how could I with a DVR filled with hours of mind numbing reality shows) but this year, I choose not to participate.

I do however enjoy the mascots and the online debate they have sparked. Personally I think they are cute, and characters kids can enjoy, however, some netters find them offensive. As with most creative outputs, you can’t please them all. At the end of the day, despite the naysayers, I’m sure Vancouver will sell plenty of branded memorabilia and Sumi, Quatchi and Miga will have done their job well.

Bitter.... party of, too many...

First I would like to say Happy 5th Birthday to my big girl, Lyric.  I wish I could bottle up my girl's childhoods and save them forever.  Time passes by way too fast and it is bittersweet in so many different ways.

The other big event this weekend was Valentine's Day. If you look to the left I have posted a pic of me and hubby in honor of this day of love. Lyric went to Disney on Ice with Auntie Laura and Braelynn had a sleepover at Grandma's, so we actually got a kid free night out! In addition to flowers, a dinner and card I also was given the gift of finally being able to squeeze into my pre-prego jeans, a night of win all around.

My random thoughts on Valentine's Day:
There are two different types of people that present themselves on Valentine's Day: the Happys and the Bitters. The Happys fill their day with candy hearts, silly stuffed animals, sparkly jewelry and overly sweet Hallmark cards. There are both single and committed Happys, this group is just, well, happy.  They want to celebrate love whether it be a significant other, parent, child or whomever. Now the other group is the group that generally I try to avoid especially on days such as Valentine's Day, the Bitters. The Bitters hate everything about the evil, evil holiday that is Valentine's Day, and they will tell anyone who will listen how they feel. Not only are they miserable and unhappy, but they want you to be miserable and unhappy too. Why should they be all alone with their agony? What this desolate group doesn't get is that their gloomy attitude is what is keeping them from getting the exact thing that is making them depressed in the first place. Who wants to be with an Eeyore? The answer, no one! So ladies, enough with the man bashing, find happiness within yourself and everything else will fall into place. If you are happy and confident and not trying so hard to hunt and devour love, love will find you and you will be ready to accept it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It seems as if...

We are never getting out of here!  We woke up to a nice surprise left by the plows, a 7ft wall of snow across the entire bottom half of our driveway.  All that shoveling for nothing.  Supplies are running low, panic will set in soon!  (The picture to the left is the view from our porch, if you look past the monster icicles you see a car driving past, notice the snow pile as high as the car, that is our driveway.)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowmageddon, SnOMG, Snowpocalypse and we all go a lil cra cra

We are currently on day 8 of being snowed in and everyone is starting to show signs of cabin fever.  The first to go was Lyric, of course.  The fever presented itself as random outbursts of lap running around the downstairs with Diego in tow (not annoying at all).  The first round of SnOMG (which is, btw my favorite storm pet name so that's the one I'm going with) we totaled about 30", the second round was today and along with the snow was hurricane like wind.  I'm thinking we got maybe
another foot, but it is hard to tell.  There are snow drifts as tall as Stefan.  It looks cold and uninviting, I have yet to step outside and experience it first hand, and I'm just fine with that. 

Stefan's office has been closed all week so he has been filling his days with shoveling the driveway.  I think it has all been a bit overwhelming for my poor southern husband.  Being from Mississippi this is more snow than he ever imagined possible, he has gone through various stages of shock, awe, excitement and after logging about 16 hours of shovel time, hate.  He was however, able to take a break from the driveway long enough to dig out the grill and cook some nice steaks to enjoy while watching the Super Bowl, yum.  My car has been at the doctor's for two weeks, a three year old car apparently can have thousands of dollars worth of items that need fixing, thank goodness for warranties!  It is finally done, so my hope is that the big dig will be completed by Friday, we can go get my car, therefore I will have my freedom back and all will be right with the world again!